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General Information / Warranty


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Shipping Policy

All Shipments* * *FOB our warehouse

Freight Terms* * *Collect

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Terms of Payment

Open Account* * *Net 30 days from date of invoice, 1% discount if paid within ten (10) days from date of invoice. Open account terms are subject to credit approval. If open account terms have not been established or approved, orders can be shipped C.O.D. or with advance payment.

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Return Policy

Authorization from Custom Hoists, Inc. must be obtained prior to any product being returned. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.  All cylinder returns are subject to a 15% (spare parts 25%) handling and restocking charge.  Freight covering return goods must be prepaid.

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Cancellation and Reschedule Policy

All cancellations and reschedules are subject to acceptance by Custom Hoists, Inc. on the basis that cancellation charges (and possible increase in per piece price due to reschedules) will be absorbed by the buyer.

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Model and Serial Number Location

Custom Hoists, Inc. model numbers and serial numbers are either stamped on the O.D. of the cylinder body (manufactured prior to 8-99) or stamped on a metal plate which is welded to the O.D. of the cylinder body (manufactured after 8-99). Using these model numbers will eliminate misunderstandings when placing orders or requesting information.

Model number and serial number stamped in body or on a name plate.

location of serial number
 Single-Acting Telescopic
*4000 Series
*2500 Series
*3000 Series
 Double-Acting Telescopic

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Storage and Handling of Hydraulic Cylinders  (PDF, 22KB)

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Request Literature 

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Hydraulic Oil Recommendations  (PDF, 26KB)

Single-Acting Telescopic cylinder Custom Hoists Inc.

Double Acting piston Custom Hoists Inc.

Single-Acting Telescopic Cylinder Custom Hoists Inc.

Piston Rod Custom Hoists Inc.





Custom Hoists, Inc. warrants only products of its manufacture against operational failure caused by defective materials or workmanship which occur during proper and normal use within 24 months from the date of purchase from Custom Hoists, Inc. Custom Hoist, Inc. reserves the right to determine what is proper and normal use.


Packing, wipers, bearings and bushings which are subject to wear caused by internal and external contamination, as well as from normal operating conditions, are not warranty items. Failures initiated by forms of oxidation are also not considered warranty failure.


Custom Hoists shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for labor for removal and installation expenses, loss of time, manufacturing costs, materials, loss of profits, incidental, special or consequential damages, direct or indirect.


Custom Hoists, Inc.'s only obligation is to repair or replace, at its election, free of charge, any part of the product that its inspection shows to be defective and, if appropriate, the lowest round trip transportation charges from Custom Hoists' original customer to Hayesville, Ohio and return, but excluding all transportation costs from Custom Hoists' customer to its customer.


A return authorization number must be obtained from authorized Custom Hoists' personnel prior to returning any products for warranty consideration. All claims must be accompanied by a complete written explanation of claimed defects and the circumstances of operational failure. Products returned for warranty consideration shall be shipped to Custom Hoists freight prepaid with the return authorization attached.


In the event that a product is repaired under warranty, that product shall carry the remainder of the original warranty period.



This limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties of any nature, express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties for merchantability or fitness or for any measure of service or suitability or for a specific purpose not withstanding any disclosure to Custom Hoists of the use to which the product is to be put.


This express limited warranty is the sole warranty of Custom Hoists, Inc. There are no warranties which extend beyond the limited warranty herein expressly set forth.


Custom Hoists, Inc. shall not be liable for loss of time, manufacturing costs, labor, material, loss of profits, incidental, special or consequential damages, direct or indirect, because of defective products, whether due to claims arising under the contract of sale or independently thereof, and whether or not such claim is based on contract, tort or warranty.


The sale of products of Custom Hoists, Inc. under any other warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, is not authorized and there are no warranties made to goods or products manufactured by anyone other than Custom Hoists, Inc.