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Single & Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders, Single & Stage Rods Cylinders
Custom Hoists, Inc. is a leading supplier of telescopic and single stage hydraulic cylinders with manufacturing facilities in Ohio and China. Since 1973 we have partnered with our customers to design cylinders that work in robust applications such as: dump trucks & trailers, refuse trucks, airline support/service equipment, compactors, balers, mining equipment, oil/gas platforms and many more. We are a division of Standex International Corp. which is a global diversified company based in Salem, New Hampshire.
Telescopic Cylinders
Telescopic Cylinders
Piston Rods / Standard Build
single acting telescopic cylinder Double acting telescopic cylinders Piston Rods Specifications
For the best results, use a Custom Hoists single-acting telescopic cylinder to meet today's rigid application requirements. Double-acting telescopic cylinders are manufactured to individual specifications to meet the rigid requirements of today's applications. Piston Rods / Standard Build Bore Diameter, Closed Length, Length of Stroke, Piston Rod Diameter, System Working Pressure, End Mountings, Maximum Load-Extend & Retract Applications. See the Specifications for our Single and Double-Acting Cylinders and Piston Rods.
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